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We specialise in organising forums in Russia, Central Asia and Europe

Advantix Pharma is a division of an international company Advantix Ltd with the head office in the United Kingdom. We have been working on the conference market for 17 years. Over those years we organised 60+ events that were attended by 15000+ top managers and middle level managers.

Virtual Pharma Marathon

120 minutes with Advantix Pharma

Advantix Pharma is launching a series of online events “120 minutes with Advantix Pharma”. In the current environment of rapid changes it is even more vital than ever before to discuss these changes openly with colleagues from the pharmaceutical sector and regulators, adapt strategies and together develop solutions that will ensure sustainable pharmaceutical drugs supply for citizens and competitive advantage for the near and long-term future.

How Covid-19 will affect the pharmaceutical market structure?

Which strategies will allow leading companies sustain their market advantage?

How will the approaches of regulators, pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains change?

Which tools will be the most effective in reaching consumers and how to use them to get the most benefits for companies?

These and many other questions will be discussed by Advantix Pharma’s guests representing international and local pharmaceutical companies. We will cover not only Russia but other countries in Eurasia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus and others.

Advantix Pharma Online Events Are Based on 5 Pillars


When developing the online event programme, we thoroughly explore the most pressing sector challenges through industry research. This enables us to understand our audience well and select the best speakers in the industry.

Unique Customer Experience

Networking is the core of our events and always will be one of the major values of our forums. Using state-of-the-art technologies, we will try to replicate experience of our offline conferences in virtual environment and make them even more exciting for our participants!

Innovative Formats

We consider the movement of conferences in the online format as an opportunity for creativity. New reality requires new formats! Virtual stage, conference room, exhibition hall, one-to-one meetings, round tables, new speaker talks formats – let’s do this exciting experiment together!


We are launching online events at the time when large offline formats cannot be used. The online format of events will allow us to quickly organize meetings to discuss the most pressing issues with colleagues in the pharmaceutical industry and use the information received to develop operational solutions.


We develop event programmes based on the principle of usefulness for market participants and are not affiliated with any particular group of stakeholders. We study the opinions of market participants and understand the critical issues. We provide equal opportunities to all market participants.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Share your expertise with pharmaceutical sector players, raise your brand awareness and develop new business contacts

Advantix Pharma online event platform is flexible and can be tailored to specific requirement. If you are interested in sharing your expertise with pharmaceutical sector players, raising your brand awareness and developing new business contacts, Advantix Pharma will find a personalised solution for your company.

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